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From the moment you wake up, you can experience the aromas of this land and savour the flavours of a special breakfast served on the veranda in front of the garden and pool. The porch is closed by a transparent sliding wall during cold seasons and is completely open in the summer season, with tables surrounded by colourful flower pots, allowing you to enjoy good coffee and pastries made fresh every morning by our chefs, while admiring the Tuscan landscape.

Our breakfast room serves breakfast from 8.00  to 10.00  in the morning

On the veranda facing the pool guests will have our colorful tables set for breakfast with placemats and baskets with jams, nutella and roasted slices. The buffet service is served in the breakfast room with the following menu:

Sweet: Empty croissant, mini pastry, homemade cakes, cereals, yogurt, whole milk and soy, fresh fruit, salad, fruit syrup, natural fruit juices, natural water and sparkling water
Salty: Mixed sandwiches and fresh bread to cut, Tuscan ham and Tuscan salami, mixed with Tuscan cheese, hard boiled eggs

Every guest can have its own espresso, cappuccino, coffee and tea in our breakfast room.

Guests will also have an a la carte menu of eggs and bacon, omelettes, scrambled eggs, oranges and fruit centrifuges

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Gallinaccio Restaurant

Our restaurant, il Gallinaccio, is located inside the Resort, capturing all the flavours of the Tuscan cuisine with dishes prepared by our chef also with organic and locally sourced ingredients, grown in our organic garden and brought directly to your table

Our Maremman Restaurant, il Gallinaccio, will delight you in the evening with “Dinner by candlelight” offering daily menus designed by our chef and meals tailored for children. Maremman tortelli, oven baked pasta, ribollita vegetable soup and acquacotta (a Maremman vegetable soup), Bio Todo meat, fish caught on our coasts, our own home grown garden vegetables cooked in the oven or pan are just some of the flavours that you will remember when you return home.

Milk and Yogurt Maremma, Eggs and fresh seasonal fruits are all products of our land, as well as bread and brioche from our oven, cold meats and local quality cheese cheeses.
We produce in the Farm where the Resort is , an organic extra virgin olive oil : the oil is available for sale at the receptio . You can take it home and enjoy the flavors and perfumes of Maremma

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Vegetable Garden

The story of a new way to eat and enjoy the pleasure of produce from farm to fork … yep, that’s our style.

We have created a Vegetable Garden with seasonal vegetables that we pick every day thanks to the perseverance and care of Benito, our gardener. We built a small chicken coop where our laying hens amaze us every day with fresh eggs and whom we always make sure are eating well and are content … because we want our hens Tere, Nunzi, Viole, Susy, Tizi, Veronic, Julia and their sisters to be looked after and happy all the time…

The products are placed into the hands of our chef who prepares them, transforms them into simple dishes that discover forgotten flavours.

We have locally sourced all our meat, which is Biological and slaughtered weekly … our supplier lets us know when its perfectly aged and call us when the Cinta Senese suckling pigs bred by our neighbours in the Maremman plains nearby are ready.

Our fruit comes from the Azienda Agricola La Castellaccia, where the growers wait until the fruit is ripe because they know how special, healthy and tasty it is, or from the Fattoria Le Mortelle where the product is all organic and there are figs, peaches, plums, strawberries and cherries and apples in winter.

In winter, we pick pomegranates from our trees to make juice for our guests. Obviously, the produce on offer changes depending on the season and so the menu changes as soon as new produce ripens in our garden.

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Guadalupe Tuscany Resort

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